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Karbonate Minerals Corp. Confirms Manitoba Project Gold Resource with Increased Bulk Sample Results
Karbonate Minerals Corp. Jan 12, 2024 721 views

Karbonate Minerals Corp. Confirms Manitoba Project Gold Resource with Increased Bulk Sample Results

Results of a pre-feasibility study will soon be released by Karbonate Minerals Corp. after they recently carried out bulk sample tests from an area at their Manitoba project named Alpha 33. The results will be published within the next few months and the company have already announced that the results do exceed the grades that were anticipated in their initial tests carried out in June 2023 from the underground complex and can now confirm the continuity of the high-grade mineralization within the Alpha 33 zone.

The company processed 4,111 tons of the bulk sample, recovering 8.2% more gold than predicted by their initial tests' mineral resource results. Feed grades of 11.4 grams of gold per ton were significantly ahead of model grades of 10.1 grams of gold per ton.

"The results of the bulk sample has been somewhat of a pleasant surprise and it has confirmed the continuity of the high-grade gold mineralization of the Alpha 33 zone. Also, and as important, it has yielded a far greater number of recovered ounces from the bulk sample compared to the initial resource block model. This is extremely positive and provides confidence in the resource estimate for future mining and the extended longevity of the entire project in Manitoba," said Oliver Denton, Director of Projects at Karbonate Minerals Corp., said in a release.

To obtain the 4,111 tons of bulk sample, Karbonate Minerals Corp. blasted 37 rounds. The company also completed a geotechnical assessment, and mapped, photographed and sampled the faces from each round to assess the strike continuity of the high-grade gold in the Alpha 33 zone.

Underground exploration is further targeting extensions of the Alpha 33 zone and the company will now also start to increase their surface exploration program at the property in the 2nd quarter of the year.

Karbonate Minerals Corp. are to make a decision shortly regarding a further expansion to the East of the project after being granted permits to carry out exploration work to a 12 square kilometer area that the company have named Maddison Mount.